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Degree Paper Submission (Thesis and Dissertation Submission)

Service objects: Postgraduates and Doctoral students

To whom it may concern,

1. The electronic theses and dissertations submitted should be identical to the hard copies and must include: a cover with complete information, an originality statement, authorization of copyright, contents, Chinese and English abstracts, key words, the main body, references, appendix, etc.

2. All the theses and dissertations submitted will be publicly accessible with the exception of those related to military projects. In this case, instead of submitting the paper to the library, you need to go through certain procedures specified by“the Confidential Regulations of Graduates of Jiangsu University”.

3. Online Thesis and Dissertation Submission System:, input your Name and Student ID which is your student number. You will be prompted to set a password which should be remembered well after your first entry.

4. You need to use Internet Explorer to submit the electronic paper online after being converted to PDF by Kinsoft WPS (2012) or OFFICE2010 to ensure a successful submission. References section must be uploaded in word format as a separate file.

5. After the online submission, you need to submit the hard copy to the Jiangsu University Collected Works on the 5th floor.

Contact: Ms. Wang & Ms. Tian (paper checking and acceptance) 0511-88780102-8501

6. Password inquiry, login and format conversion problems please turn to the Web Service Department, Room303 on the 3rdfloor (East).

Contact: Ms. Zhang 0511-88780102-8303


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