Library information and archive management First-level academic discipline

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In 2005, Institute of Science and Technology Information of Jiangsu University was approved to grant master degree in information. In 2010, granting master degree of library information and archive management library was also approved.

The discipline is aimed at science and technology information requests of social and economic construction in eastern part of China. providing high-quality information resources and services as the basis, information resource management and development as the core. In the meantime establishing disciplinary research area; broadening academic teaching, research system and personnel training model; further improving the quality of the training quality level, capacity administration and social services, for the local economic and social development and make due contributions to technological innovation.

The current research directions are: patent information and intellectual property strategy, information theory and technology, information resources, organization and management, digital archive management.

Current teaching and research conditions:

1) In 2009 the discipline was approved as a key construction one by our university. Currently it has a teaching and research staffs 35 people, 10 people with high title, (29%), 12 PhD, (34%) which has basically formed a reasonable structured and high-quality academic team.

2) Research project levels have increased quite a lot. Within 5 years, it's completed all levels of funds on more than 50 topics, research funding has reached more than $500 million. They've won five provincial research awards, four municipal and provincial teaching achievement awards.

3) Cooperation training is one advantage. Since 2006, professional practice and employment base were established in the provincial information institute, inviting its experts to give lectures and hiring part-time professors and mentors there. This cooperation has already achieved good results.

4) Resources is another advantages. Over past five years, it has invested total more than 500 million yuan equipment funding to build two laboratories: systematic and digital laboratory, information retrieval and analysis laboratories; purchase Aureka patent analysis software, it also improves participation in national, provincial and municipal key projects. Since "Library and Information Studies" was founded in 2008, the platform has been built to increase impact of this discipline program.


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