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Institute of Science and Technology Information Held the Defense and Recommendation Meeting for 2020 Graduate Students to go to the United States for Exchange Application

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At 14:00 on December 1st, 2021, the Institute of science and technology information of Jiangsu University will hold the defense and recommendation meeting for 2020 graduate students in the United States in the conference room on the sixth floor of the library.

Jiangsu University library curator Fu Yonghong, deputy curator Zhang Xiaoyang, party general branch secretary Zhang Mingping, party general branch deputy secretary Liu Jing, Institute of Science and Technology Information Director Liu Guifeng, Wang Jingyi deputy director, Professor Lu Zhangping attended the defense recommendation meeting. Full-time graduate students of class 2021 watched the defense recommendation meeting.

First of all, Miss Wang Jingyi, deputy director of the Institute of Science and Technology Information, introduced the content and basic information of the exchange program to us. After that, cheng shuo, shang duxin, song xinyu, zheng xihui and qian jing, the five 2020 graduate students who applied for exchange in THE University of Illinois in the United States, gave their report and defense. The five students shared their exchange study plan of UIUC from four aspects: reasons for going abroad, conditions for going abroad, study plan and intended achievements. They all showed their strong comprehensive quality and ability in the report and defense.

After the report of five students, curator Fu Yonghong commented on the overall report. Curator Fu said that everyone's overall performance was very good, and everyone introduced their own situation in detail. Students have their own strengths, some of them have strong comprehensive ability, and some of them have an international vision, which shows the excellent ability of the postgraduates of THE Science and Technology Institute. After that, Miss Wang Jingyi made a summary speech, indicating that the exchange application for defense recommendation in the United States would come to a successful end.

This exchange defense and recommendation meeting enables the students of institute of Science and Technology Information to further understand the specific situation of the exchange in the University of Illinois in the United States, as well as some abilities and qualities required for the exchange application in the United States. I hope that students can clearly understand the importance of English ability, academic ability and communication ability, and constantly improve their comprehensive quality and ability to learn and make progress together.

Contributed by: Yao Jiajia (Master degree of 2021)

Date: December 1, 2021

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