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The fourth "Cross Culture Park" cross cultural communication activity successfully held

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At 3:00 p.m. on April 17,2021, jointly sponsored by Department of Research and Engineering, Party Committee, Jiangsu University, Jiangsu University League Committee, Graduate School, Jiangsu University, College of Overseas Education, Jiangsu University and Graduate School of Jiangsu University, and jointly organized by Graduate Association of Institute of science and technology information, Jiangsu University and Graduate Association of School of electrical information engineering, Jiangsu University, the fourth "Cross Culture Park" cross cultural communication activity of spring semester 2021 held at room 605, SanShan Building was held successfully. The theme of this activity is "National treasure, Originality culture". It aims to promote the in-depth understanding of cultural relics and museums through the sharing and exchange of different treasures, promote the connotation of Chinese history and culture, and deepen the understanding and love of Chinese culture among Chinese and foreign students. About 80 Chinese and foreign graduate students participated in the activity, including 20 foreign students.


At the beginning of the activity, the two hosts first introduced the theme and rules of the activity. This activity adopts the way of group competition, the students are divided into 8 groups, according to the rules of the game to get points for ranking, the top 3 group members can get prizes. After that, the host will guide you to introduce yourself, so that each team member can understand each other.


After we got to know each other, we entered the first part of the activity: video introduction. The students watched a video of Zeng Houyi's chime Series Concert in the program "National Treasure". They were very impressed by the long history of Chinese treasure and modern means of communication.

Then there is the sharing and design. The host introduces the logo features of Nanjing Museum and the cartoon image of Tang grape, flower, bird and silver sachet to guide everyone to design a logo or cartoon image that can show the connotation of familiar museums or cultural relics, and share and display them. We give full play to our creativity and design distinctive and excellent works.



Then, this activity entered a tense and exciting competition part. The first part is the who is the SPY. We will describe it according to the content we extracted and guess who is the SPY. The enthusiasm of the students is very high, we racked our brains to describe the word, the atmosphere reached a climax. In the first round of the game, the foreign students holding the undercover card "The Palace Museum" finally hid successfully and won the game; in the second round of the game, the undercover "Li Bai" was identified out in the fourth game, and the students holding the civilian card "Confucius" won.



The second part is Q&A Games about the museum and cultural relics , which is in the form of pictures, through the form of answer and win points. After answering each question correctly, the host made relevant introduction. Among them, the eighth group of students answered very actively, won more points, became the first group, and won a beautiful prize. Through this link, Chinese and foreign graduate students have realized more national treasures, such as Thousands miles of mountains and rivers, Four sheep statue, bronze mask and so on.



Finally, in the manual process, we add words to the Chinese style bookmarks according to our own preferences, write down good wishes and rhymed poems, and make exquisite bookmarks. It's very meaningful to put them away and give them to friends who want to give them.



After the event, the organizer invited Chinese and foreign graduate students to take a group photo and interviewed some Chinese and foreign students to understand their views on the event and promote the improvement of the event. All the students said that this activity was full of profits. They not only got exquisite prizes and pure friendship, but also learned more about cultural relics, understood the beauty of Chinese history and culture.Only by not forgetting history can we open up the future.


Contributed by: Qian Jing (2020 Master)

Time: April 17, 2021

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