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JSU Library Scholarship Review (2019 Spring)

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To the relevant Postgraduate Students,

The application for the JSU Library Scholarship for the 2019 Spring, 2018 Fall included, has begun. All the postgraduates with library scholarship are mandated to be engaged in the application. Details are as follows:

I. Requirements:

1. Applicants should be masters who were enrolled in autumn 2016, spring 2017, and should be normally registered.

2. Applicants should abide by theProvisions to the Library Scholarship of Overseas Students in Jiangsu University Library.

II. Application materials

1. APPLICATION FORM FOR LIBRARY SCHOLARSHIP OF JIANGSU UNIVERSITY (please refer to the attachment at the bottom of the page for the attachment link).

2. Brief statements about his/her experience of study, life and activities in Jiangsu University.

3. Copy or proof of his/her academic papers published and presentations in important academic conference,etc.

III. Appraisal

1. Students, who meet the application criteria, are supposed to submit the application and attachments before June 10, 2019.

2. Applicants present their academic performance or plan for the past year before June 15, 2019.

3. Awards list will be worked out by the Library Scholarship Committee and submitted to Library Affairs Committee for appraisal before June 25, 2019.

4. Appraisal results will be published on the website of the Library Institute of Science and technology Information, and the related information will be submitted to the Overseas Education College for review.

Note: The Library Scholarship is preferred to offset the arrears. The specific form of payment is determined by the Finance Department of Jiangsu University.

Any further inquiry, please contact the Library Institute of Science and technology Information. Phone Number: 0511-88780719

IV. Attention

1. Postgraduates who fail to submit the application and attachments within stipulated time are deemed as a waiver of the Library Scholarship selection eligibility.

2. Applicants who fail the appraisal are not entitled to the Library Scholarship.



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