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The publication of A Collection of Pearl S. Buck Studies in China

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On December 12, 2021, at the 83rd anniversary of Pearl S. Buck's Nobel laureates in Literature held in Zhenjiang, the English edition ofACollectionof Pearl S. Buck Studies in Chinawas premiered.ACollection of Pearl S. BuckStudiesin Chinais a collection of domestic scholars’research papers on Pearl S. Buck since the 1990s.It is the first foreign translation of the frontier achievements of domestic studies of Pearl S. Buck into a book.

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, located at the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, was once the residence of PearlS. Buckand her families, and was called "myChinesehometown" byher. Pearl S. Buck is Zhenjiang’s unique and charming cultural symbol and external links. For the purpose of this“bridge between East and West civilization”, Zhenjiang built a total area of 1.66 hectares of Pearl S. Buck Cultural Park in 2017. In recent years, it has hosted many international conferences on Pearl S. Buck and published a series of research works on Pearl S. Buck. Jiangsu University also has an International Pearl S. Buck Literature Resource Center.

ACollectionof Pearl S. Buck Studies in Chinawastranslated by Zhenjiang CityPearl S. Buckstudy association and published by Jiangsu University Press,which includes the works of Chen Sihe, theChangjiang Distinguished Professorof the Ministry of Education, Wang Fengzhen, the translator ofThe Good Earth, and Liu Haiping,School of Foreign Studies,Nanjing University. Through the selected essays inACollectionof Pearl S. Buck Studies in China, the release of the English edition ofACollectionof Pearl S. Buck Studies in Chinatells the world the“Chinese story”of the study of Pearl S. Buck, and conveys the“Chinese voice”of the culture of Pearl S. Buck through the spirit of Pearl S. Buck culture, which is of great theoretical and practical value to“the exchange of civilizations transcendsthebarriersof civilizations, the mutual appreciation of civilizations transcends the clash of civilizations, and the coexistence of civilizations transcends the superiority of civilizations.”

The publication ofACollectionof Pearl S. Buck Studies in Chinahas aroused the attention of sinology, literary,and publishing circles at home and abroad.Sui Qian, the deputy director of the Academic Committee of the National Image Communication Research Center of Tsinghua University, and the executive director of the Urban Brand Research Office, sent a congratulatory poem:“The heart of learning isgatheredin the east of Yangtze River,the essence is the same all over the world. The pearl of wisdom is like a ray of light, which is a bridge for civilizations to converge.”Duan Huaiqing, deputy director of the Department of Chinese of Fudan University, sent a letter to Pearl S. Buck Research Association to congratulate the first publication of the English edition ofACollectionof Pearl S. Buck Studies in China:“As the first Chinese-to-English academic analectsof Pearl S. Buck in the domestic research community, the publication ofACollectionof Pearl S. Buck Studies in Chinawill not only enhance the understanding of overseas academic circles about the relevant results of ChinesePearl S. Buck research, it will also further expand and strengthenthe academic and cultural interaction between China and abroad, and further promote   the dialogue and cultural integration of East and West civilization.”

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