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The Second “Cross Culture Park” Communication Activity Successfully Held——Han clothing style, A glance at the millennium

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At 10:00 am on November 14th, co-hosted by Graduate Work Department of Jiangsu University Party Committee, Youth League Committee of Jiangsu University, Graduate School of Jiangsu University, School of Overseas Education of Jiangsu University, Graduate Union of Jiangsu University, The second intercultural exchange activity for graduate students in the fall semester of 2021 jointly organized by School of Electrical And Information Engineering, Institute of Science and Technology Information and School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Jiangsu University was successfully held in the cultural salon of the library. The theme of this activity is "Han clothing style, A glance at the millennium ", aiming to improve graduate students' sense of identity to traditional culture, enhance overseas postgraduates’ interest in Chinese culture, and further promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. About 50 Chinese graduate students and foreign students participated in the event.

At the beginning of the activity, the two hosts gave welcome speeches to the students who participated in the activity, and introduced the theme of the activity "Han Family Fashion, One Thousand Years at a glance". Then the host guides the students in the group to introduce themselves, so that the members of the group can understand each other.

Immediately afterwards, the host invited everyone to watch the "Millennium Fashion" Hanfu cultural exhibition video to learn about the historical changes and cultural heritage of Hanfu, and appreciate the beauty of Hanfu. After the viewing, there was a brief exchange within the group. The host invited representatives of each group to speak on stage to share the distinctive costume culture of different ethnic groups and different countries.

In the "Hanfu show", Jingkou Hanfeng Hanfu Club brought Hanfu catwalks and dances to everyone. The wonderful Hanfu catwalks created a visual feast for everyone to enjoy the beauty of Hanfu up close. The Han-style dance that followed was even more shocking.

In the exciting "Hanfu bingo" game, a group competition was adopted. The participating students were divided into 8 groups, and points were awarded according to the rules of the game. The top 3 group members with accumulated points can win prizes.

The last part is the handwork: costume origami. The staff handed out a set of traditional Hanfu origami for each group, and let the team members cooperate and exchange to complete a set of paper Hanfu production, and share and display it. Each group actively completed and displayed their works and gained a deeper understanding of Hanfu culture.

Finally, the host invited the Chinese and Foreign students participating in this activity to take a group photo together. The staff of the undertaking college interviewed some Chinese and Foreign students. They all said that the event was very meaningful and at the same time had a strong interest in Chinese traditional culture. This event not only increased the students' attention to Chinese traditional costume culture, but also promoted friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, so that students can relax the pressure in the busy graduate life and enjoy the warm and joyful atmosphere of activities.

Contributors: Zhu Yanrong, Chen Shuxian (Master 2021)

Time: November 16, 2021

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