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The 112th "Cross Culture Park" activity was successfully held by institutions such as the Science and Information Technology Institute - Lanterns shining brightly like the moon, thinking of one's original intention cleverly

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At 3p.m. of May 13th, 2023, the 112th postgraduate cross-cultural exchange event for the spring semester of 2023 was held in Room J2101 of the Jingjiang Building, jointly organized by the Research Department of the Party Committee of Jiangsu University, the Youth League Committee of Jiangsu University, the Graduate School of Jiangsu University, and the School of Overseas Education of Jiangsu University. The theme of this activity is "Lanterns are as bright as the moon, reflecting on one's original intention", aiming to facilitate communication, interaction, and integration between Chinese and foreign students through lantern making activities. This event focuses on international communication, humanistic concern, health and well being, technology innovation, science and education, and other themes, showcasing the spirit of Chinese youth and promoting mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese students and international students studying in China. About 50 Chinese and foreign graduate students participated in this event, including about 15 foreign graduate students.

At the beginning of the event, the two hosts delivered welcoming speeches and introduced the theme of the event, "Lanterns are as bright as the moon, reflecting on one's original intention". Then guide group members to introduce themselves to each other and promote mutual understanding among group members.

Subsequently, the host invited everyone to watch a video introducing lantern culture together. After watching, the group had a brief exchange. The host invited representatives from each group to share their understanding of lantern culture, including their own experience in making lanterns and their understanding of lantern culture.

Next is game time: lantern riddle quiz, each showcasing their abilities. Chinese and foreign students each formed six teams to answer the questions in small groups, and the outstanding group received exquisite gifts.

Students collaborated to explore the way of making flower lanterns. Chinese and foreign students were working together to showcase the lifelike animal lanterns in front of us.

Last came to the academic time, where Chinese and foreign students read literature related to lantern culture and shared their thoughts and feelings.

After the event, the host invited the Chinese and foreign students who participated in the event to take a group photo as a souvenir, and conducted interviews with some Chinese and foreign students to understand their opinions and improvement suggestions for the event. They all expressed that this event has yielded great results. This activity not only helps students understand lantern culture, but also promotes friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, adding color to everyone's busy graduate life!

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