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Institute of Science and Technology Information Held the Thesis Proposal Defense & Academic Research Report Meeting for the International Postgraduate Students

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Aiming to promote the scientific research progress of international postgraduate students and guarantee the orderly implementation of research work, ensure the further development of postgraduate work, the Institute of Science and Technology Information held the Thesis Proposal Defense & Academic Research Report meeting for the international postgraduate students in the Library Conference Room 612 on May 6th, 2023.

We are honored to invite professor Lu Zhangping as the meeting host, and also as the president of the defense committee. We are honored to invite Liu Jing, who is the deputy director of the Jiangsu University Library and the dean of graduate education of the Institute of Science and Technology Information, Liu Guifeng, who is the director of Institute of Science and Technology Information, associate professor Wang Meng, lecturer Han Muzhe, Jia Huizhen, as important members of the defense committee. Also, the supervisor Su Wencheng of international postgraduate student and lecturers attended the meeting. International postgraduates studying library and information science presented a diverse range of research topics as follows.

AMALIA ISABEL RIVERO CHAVEZ, who is 2021 international postgraduate student at the second academic year, is active in her thesis proposal defense. The thesis was entitled “Knowledge Organization and Visualization of Cuban Red Revolution History from the Perspective of Art Works”. The research purpose was to analyze the history of the Cuban Red Revolution and to construct ontology knowledge resources from the perspective of the art works. She highlighted literature references on red culture, red archives resources, red tourism to support the research theme. Multiple research methods, such as network investigation, ontology construction, experimental research, case analysis, were emphasized to carry out the research problems. The proposal defense showcased her expertise and creativity in the academic research field.

GODWIN DZANGARE, who is 2020 international postgraduate student, is preparing for his graduation dissertation. He shared with experts his academic research perspectives on health information literacy evaluation. The thesis was entitled “ Research on the Construction and Application of Health Information Literacy Evaluation System for University Students--A Case of Jiangsu University International Students”. He explained the research framework from research topic, introduction to research problems, literature review, research model development and application in detail to the experts. Moreover, he proposed an important conceptual model for the research theme. He was active to continue the research problems in the coming months.

EDER JOHN DELGADO DE PINA, who is 2020 international postgraduate student, studies for his master degree at the third academic year. He selects data reuse as the research topic. He delivered the research problems and research progress in detail. Mr. EDER aimed to identify the challenges that people face in accessing and applying scientific data, and to propose scientific solutions for addressing these difficulties and challenges by the selected research theme. Additionally, he introduced the research results by utilizing multiple methods, such as empirical analysis, case study methods and so on. By the way, he is looking forward to embarking on the further research problems in the coming months.

In response to the thesis proposal defense, President Lu Zhangping and members of the Defense Committee exchanged ideas with AMALIA ISABEL RIVERO CHAVEZ. The experts put forward series of suggestions for her modification and suggested AMALIA assess the current state of red resources around the word and propose practical strategies for organizing related knowledge. Moreover, the experts recommended that postgraduates who were pursuing for master degree should keep in mind the time schedule and make progress in academic research.

It was with pleasure that President of the defence committee Professor Lu Zhangping declared the result of the voting for the thesis proposal defense. The committee unanimously vote “Yes” to AMALIA ISABEL RIVERO CHAVEZ’s thesis proposal defense. In all, The presentations were well-received by the experts and fellow students. Thesis Proposal Defense & Academic Research Report Meeting for the international postgraduates enhanced students’ ability and ideas in academic research.

Contributor: Huizhen Jia(Young teacher)

Date:May 10, 2023

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