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Institute of Science and Technology Information Held the Academic Research Report Meeting for the International Postgraduate Students

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Aiming to enhance the scientific research level of international postgraduate students and promote the further development of postgraduate work, academic research report meeting for the international postgraduate students, which was hosted by Institute of Science and Technology Information, was held in the Library Conference Room on April 3rd, 2023.

We invited Liu Guifeng, who is the director of Institute of Science and Technology Information, as the host. Supervisors of international postgraduate students and lecturers attended the meeting. Also, international postgraduates actively participated in the conference.

Godwin, who is 2020 international postgraduate student, is preparing for his graduation work. He shared his academic research ideas from the perspective of research content. Taking health information literacy as the research theme, he elaborated on his research background, research problems, research objectives and research design. Besides, adopting qualitative description and quantitative description, Mr. Godwin focused both on research theory and practical application, such as questionnaire collection, data acquisition and case application was proposed at length in his research.

Eder, who is 2020 international postgraduate student, studies for his master degree and his main research field is data reuse. His research report focused on research background, research problems and research objectives. Mr. Eder emphasized the importance of basic concepts, which were related to his research topic, to scientific innovation. Also, following the core concepts and various approaches to the research problems, methodological difficulties, empirical analysis, case study methods and desired research progress were introduced in detail. In addition, the research plan and design concerned itself with the research advance in application of scientific data.

Amalia, who is 2021 international postgraduate student at the second academic year, is devoting herself to designing for the dissertation proposal. The theme of the thesis, from the perspective of embodied cognition, is ontology knowledge resources, which is to put forward the specific path of Cuba’s Red Tourism resources development, with regard to implication of historical events and art works of Cuban Red Revolution. With the purpose of promoting national identity, diffusion of value of red resources and stimulating red gen, Ms. Amalia conveyed her thoughts and research findings concerning her research project. What’s more, she shared the gains and challenges from the degree courses and non-degree courses , and also a life full of variety in China.

Worthy to be mentioned, regarding international postgraduates’ research progress report, experts exchanged ideas with postgraduates, and proposed suggestions from the perspectives of fundamental definition and basic theory, research questions, and research methods. Moreover, Mr. Liu Guifeng recommended, with all his heart, that postgraduates should maintain active research schedules in academic research. In all, objective to accelerate the students’ professional ability education, the academic research report meeting for the international postgraduate students fully boosted academic research exchange and strengthened the students’ specialized knowledge and skill training.

Contributor: Huizhen Jia(Young teacher)

Date:April 6, 2023

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