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Dr.Lian Ruan Teaches at the Institute of Science and Technology Information of Jiangsu University

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In the first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, Dr. Lian Ruan was invited by the Institute of Science and Technology Information of Jiangsu University to give lectures to the Graduate Students of Grade 2022. Dr. Lian Ruan is the Head Librarian of Illinois Fire Service Institute Library in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In the course, Dr. Lian Ruan brought us a series of courses topics in English, including Development Trends in US Academic Libraries, Strategic Planning in American Academic Libraries, Impact of the Covid-19 on the Future of Academic Libraries, The Role of Libraries in Disaster Response Management: Case Study, Digital Humanities, Innovation in US LIS Education and the Development of Illinois School of Information Sciences, Research Data Management, Makerspace, Library Building Design in the 21st Century, High Density Storage, Research Methods and Research Design and SSCI English Scholarly Paper: Writing and Publishing.

Dr. Lian Ruan combined theories with cases, taking Illinois Fire Service Institute Library as a case. Bringing us various knowledge in the field of Library and Information Science with clear explanations, she created vivid classes and actively interacted with students. Dr. Lian Ruan taught us remotely online in the United States, however, which do not dampen any of her enthusiasm for teaching at all. We are looking forward to inviting Dr. Lian Ruan to Jiangsu University for face-to-face communication with us when the epidemic tends to stabilize.

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