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Institute of Science and Technology Information successfully hosted the 12th “Chinese and Foreign Postgraduate Academic Forum ” Finance and Management Forum

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In order to promote the strategic transformation of research universities, facilitate the international exchange and cooperation of various disciplines, increase the innovation awareness and innovation ability of postgraduates, and foster the connotative development of postgraduate education, the financial management forum of the 12th “Chinese and foreign postgraduate academic forum” of Jiangsu University, which was hosted by the Institute of Science and Technology Information and co-organized by the College of Finance and Economics and the College of Management, was successfully held in the Conference Center of Jiangsu University on November 26th.

With the theme of "Open Sharing, Cross-fertilization, Innovation and Development", the forum invited Mr. Liu Guifeng from Institute of Science and Technology Information as the keynote speaker, Mr. Li Zhiwen from School of Management, Mr. Sikandar Ali Qalati from School of Finance and Economics and Mr. Jia Huizhen from Institute of Science and Technology Information as the judges. 100 postgraduates attended the forum.

Firstly, the forum started with an expert report entitled "A comprehensive framework for scholar evaluation: combination of citation, altmetrics and research topics" by Mr. Guifeng Liu from Institute of Science and Technology Information. After that, 12 students from three colleges made full English academic presentations through online or offline. The three judges asked questions about the presentations and scored the presentations and defenses together. During the tea break, students from each college browsed through the poster entries and voted on them.

At last, four students including Shiyu Hu won the Best Presentation Award, eight students including Yingying Yu won the Excellent Paper Award, and 18 students including Angelina Kissiwaa Twum won the Best Presentation Award.

The postgraduate academic forum was held to fully demonstrate the scientific research level and academic style of postgraduates, which is conducive to building an academic exchange platform for Chinese and foreign postgraduates, promoting academic exchange, expanding international vision and enhancing academic ability.

Contributor: Fan Mennan Sun Xinyi

(Class of 2022 Graduate Students)

November 28, 2022

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