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Institute of Science and Technology Information held the second "Cross Culture Park" cross-cultural exchange event --Martial Arts for Friendship, Martial Arts for Power

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At 3:00 pm of May 15, the 7th Intercultural Garden Exchange for Postgraduates in Spring Semester 2022 was held in the Cultural Salon Center on the 6th floor of the Library, co-organized by the Postgraduate Work Department of the Party Committee of Jiangsu University, the Youth League Committee of Jiangsu University, the Graduate School of Jiangsu University, the School of Overseas Education of Jiangsu University, and the Postgraduate Association of Jiangsu University, and co-organized by the Institute of Science and Technology Information of Jiangsu University, the School of Electrical and Information Engineering of Jiangsu University, the School of Law of Jiangsu University, and the School of Life Sciences of Jiangsu University.

The theme of this activity is "Meeting friends with martial arts, making martial arts powerful", which aims to promote Chinese history and culture, deepen Chinese and foreign students' understanding of Chinese traditional martial arts, promote their physical fitness, cultivate their heart and deepen their friendship through watching martial arts performance, friendly exchange of skills and active communication. About 50 Chinese and foreign postgraduates participated in this event, including about 10 foreign postgraduates.

At the beginning of the event, the two hosts gave a welcome speech to the students who participated in the event and introduced the theme of the event, "Martial Arts for Friendship, Martial Arts for Power". Then they guided the group members to introduce themselves to each other and promote the understanding of the group members.

After that, the host invited everyone to watch the opening dance of Henan TV's "Tanabata Wonder Tour", "Dragon Gate King Kong", which was a beautiful combination of rigidity and flexibility, showing both the softness of traditional Chinese dance and the rigidity of kung fu, causing everyone to gasp in awe. After watching, there was a short exchange within the group, and the moderator invited representatives from each group to share what they knew about the world of martial arts, including the martial arts heroes in their hearts and favorite martial arts.

In the much-anticipated "Kong Fu Show", the Taekwondo Club presented a series of wonderful performances, such as flying kicks and chain kicks, with the sound of striking and breaking boards. After that, the taekwondo club and the martial arts association taught everyone some basic martial arts moves and invited everyone to participate and demonstrate on the stage, and the students were very interested and competed for the stage first.

Finally, in the exciting game of "Connecting Feet", 12 lucky partners was selected from the scene and divided them into four groups to fight against each other. The enthusiasm was unprecedented, and everyone fought hard to appreciate the spirit of Oriental Kung Fu which does not say no to defeat and does not compromise, and not only competes with "force" but also with "courtesy".

After the event, the host invited the Chinese and foreign students to take a group photo together and interviewed some Chinese and foreign students to understand their views on the event and suggestions for improvement. They all said that the event was very fruitful. This event not only helped students understand Chinese kung fu, but also helped them understand the importance of physical fitness, and promoted friendly communication between Chinese and foreign students, which added color to their busy postgraduate life!

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Date: May 16, 2022

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