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Two Research Articles of Institute of Science and Technology Information Teachers were Published in Library Hi Tech

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Two research articles of Dr. Wang Jingyi and Dr. Su Wencheng, teachers of the Institute of Science and Technology Information, were officially published on the SSCI Journal Library Hi Tech (Q2), Vol. 40, No. 1.

Dr. Wang Jingyi’s paper is entitled: Quantitative representation of perception and evaluation method for service quality in university library under 4-D Space. Co-authors are Prof. Yuan Run and Prof. Shi Hongwei. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the service quality of university library more accurately and dynamically and improve the service efficiency of library. The paper realizes quantified representation of library service quality and overcomes the shortcoming of the traditional library evaluation system, which does not consider reader's identity and cannot be evaluated separately. In addition, according to the function configuration of each department of library, a relation between library evaluation parameter and its organization structure is built. The embedded application will be able to perform dynamic evaluation and thus can be used in China. The evaluation of service quality in university libraries provides an effective new method.

Dr. Su Wencheng’s paper is entitled: Let eyes tell: experimental research on university library signage system and users' wayfinding behavior. Co-authors are Prof. Lu Zhangping, Prof. Liu Guifeng and Dr. Sun Yinglin. In this article, an eye movement tracking method was introduced to record eye movement data during the wayfinding process of participants in the library interior, targeting the cognition and psychology of library users in the wayfinding signage system. The visual guiding usability of landmarks, informational signages and directional signages were quantitatively tested, and the fixation on the signage system between orientation strategy users and route strategy users was compared. This study also investigated the effects of library users' spatial anxiety and environmental familiarity on their fixation on the area of interest of the wayfinding signage system using the differential test and regression. This article adds to the relatively sparse literature on university library user wayfinding experimental study in China. The experimental findings of this paper also have important practical implications for academic libraries' wayfinding system evaluation.

Written by Su Wencheng


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