Intelligence Theory Research

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The Course Syllabus for Overseas Postgraduate Students

Course code

Course titleIntelligence Theory Research

. scheduled total credits 24 experiments:  0   credits   credits  2   term  

Teaching methodPPT/Case study    

Assessment methodEssay Report

.Compatible MajorLibrary, Information and Archive Management Science

.Prerequisite course Theory and Method of Information Science  


The course mainly introduces the basic theory of information science and methods, the definition of intelligence, intelligence, intelligence thought along the course of development, developed countries, developed countries intelligence intelligence and intelligence organization construction, basic theory, basic theory of intelligence analysis clue and intelligence theory, in the process of research, analysis will be embedded case. In order to see the development process of information science, the basis of information research is rammed, and the application of information is laid.

.Content of the Syllabus and the Scheduled Study Hours:

Chapter 1 The basic theory of intelligence studies 6 credits hours

1.Some argue about intelligence

2.Three major law for intelligence studies

3.The intelligence studies under national strategy

4.The intelligence studies under big data  

5.The intelligence studies under the integration of science and technology intelligence and military intelligence

Chapter 2  The development history of intelligence studies          2 credits hours

1.Intelligence studies in china

2.Intelligence work in china

3.Foreign intelligence studies

4. Foreign intelligence work

Chapter 3  The important intelligence basic theories 4 credits hours

1. important intelligence basic theories in china

2. Foreign important intelligence basic theories

Chapter 4  The important intelligence agency                   4 credits hours

 1.American important intelligence agency

2.The import persons

3. Recruitment and training of US intelligence agency

4. Secret action of the US intelligence agency abroad

Chapter 5  The basic theory for intelligence search   4 credits hours

1.Some methods and ways of intelligence search

2.Intelligence analysis

3.Counter intelligence

Chapter 6  The basic theory for intelligence analysis   4 credits hours

    1.Some basic concept

 2.Basic steps of intelligence analysis

 3.Some methods of intelligence analysis

4.How to write report

.Teaching Materials and Reference Books

 1.Jinhu, Gao. History of Chinese and Western intelligence thought, Jincheng Press.2016.

2.Jinhu, Gao. Military intelligence studies, Jiangsu People Press.2017.

3.Xiaojun,Zhang.American military intelligence theories, Military Science Press.2007.

3.Qingde,Gao.American intelligence agency, Shishi Press.2016.

4.Michael Warner. The Rise And Fall Of IntelligenceAn International Security History, Social Science Literature Press.2016.

5.Jerome Clauser. An introduction to intelligence research and analysi Jincheng Press.2016.

.Teaching teamYang Guoli

.the Author who write the SyllabusYang Guoli

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