Applied Mathematics for Library

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Course titleApplied Mathematics for Library

and Information Science

. scheduled total credits 24 experiments:  0   credits   credits  2   term

Teaching methodPPT/Case study    

Assessment methodEssay Report

.Compatible MajorLibrary, Information and Archive Management Science

.Prerequisite courseAdvanced Mathematics; Foundation of Library Science; Intelligence Theory Research


This course mainly introduces the application of mathematical methods to characterize and analyze knowledge organization, bibliometrics and user behavior in library and information science, including the basic knowledge of higher mathematics, mathematical statistics, knowledge organization, retrieval language model, intelligence analysis, bibliometrics laws, users’ data analysis and more. So that graduate students can master the basic mathematical methods applied to the research and practice of library and information, and it lays a solid foundation for improving the level of graduate students’ quantitative research.

.Content of the Syllabus and the Scheduled Study Hours:

Chapter I Advanced Mathematics Foundation (I)                  2 credits hours

1Single variable differential calculus

2Single variable integral calculus

3Infinite series

Chapter II Advanced Mathematics Foundation (II)                         2 credits hours

1Linear equations



4Vector space

Chapter III Applied Mathematical Statistics (I)                     2 credits hours


2Sampling distribution

3Parametric estimation

4Hypothesis testing

Chapter IV Applied Mathematical Statistics (II)                       2 credits hours

1Analysis of variance

2Regression analysis

3Time series

Chapter V Literature and Knowledge Modeling                         2 credits hours

1Data, information and knowledge


3Literature organization

4knowledge organization

Chapter VI Natural Language Understanding                         2 credits hours

1Natural language composition

2Lexical analysis

3Semantic analysis

Chapter VII Relationship Model                                           2 credits hours

1Relational data structure and definition

2Relational algebra

3Relationship evolution

4Relational data

Chapter VIII Mathematical Model of Information System          2 credits hours

1Concept space

2Algebraic model of retrieval system

3Collection model of retrieval system

4Probabilistic model of retrieval system

Chapter IX Mathematical Modeling of Retrieve Language and Its Application       (2 credits hours

1Mathematical model of theme methods

2Mathematical model of taxonomy

3The application of mathematical model of retrieval language

Chapter X Library Resource Evaluation                              2 credits hours

1Paper resource statistics

2Electronic resources statistics

3Performance evaluation of book resources

Chapter XI Library Service Evaluation                               2 credits hours

1Open time design and evaluation

2People counting to library

3Service satisfaction survey

Chapter XII The Theory and Application of Bibliometrics         2 credits hours

1The mathematical basis of bibliometrics

2The theory and application of Bradford's law

3The theory and application of Zipf's law


.Teaching Materials and Reference Books

1.Zou xiaoshou,Wang xiaofeng,Deng luohua.Applied mathematics for LIS[M].Peking:China National Library Press,2012.

2.Chen heping.Quantitative Management in Library[M].Chendu:Southwest Jiaotong University Press,1989.

3.Tan guolv.Higher Mathematics of Liberal Arts[M].Peking:Beihang University Press,2009.

4.Yan dagui, Yan shang’an.Applied Mathematics for Engineering graduate students[M].Peking,Higher Education Press,2001.

.Teaching teamZhang Xiaoyang; Wang Xiuhong; Liu Haijun

.the Author who write the SyllabusZhang Xiaoyang

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