SU Wencheng

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SU Wencheng, Ph.D., Master postgraduate tutor of library, information and archive management science, is engaged in teaching and researching in library and information science. Dr. SU is the conductor of academic research projects sponsored by National Social Science Foundation and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China. In recent years, Dr. SU has published more than 20 SSCI, CSSCI papers and 1 monograph.

Education Background

201601-201701 iSchool, University of Illinois at Urbana & Champaign, Joint Ph.D.

201509-201812 Management School, University of Jiangsu University, Ph.D.

Work Experience

201901-present Institute of Science and Technology Information, Jiangsu University

202012-present Master postgraduate tutor in Library and Information Science, Institute of Science and Technology Information, Jiangsu University.

Research Interests

1 Environmental psychology and behavior research

2 User information behavior research


[1] Su Wencheng, Lu Zhangping, Sun Yinglin, Liu Guifeng, Let eyes tell: experimental research on university library signage system and users’ wayfinding behavior[J]. Library Hi Tech, 2021, 39. (SSCI)

[2]Su Wencheng, Lu Zhangping, Lu Wenqing, Li Rui, Secrets of Lighting: Library Book Stack Illumination and Its Influences on Readers’ Book-Searching Behaviors. LIBRI, 2019. 69(1): 55-75. (SSCI)

[3] Su Wencheng, Sun Yinglin, Research on the Library Users’ Information Retrieval Behaviour: From a Bibliometric Perspective. Open Access Library Journal, 2020,7:1-23.



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