Liu Guifeng

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Liu Guifeng, Ph.D., Associate Research Librarian, directed 4 research projects at municipal, provincial or ministerial level, complied 1 text book, published 1 monograph,2 SSCI papers and more than 30 CSSCI papers.

Education Background

2003.9-2005.7 Qufu Normal University, Bachelor in Chemistry

2005.9-2010.7 Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Science

Work Experience

2010.7-present Jiangsu University Library

Research Interests

1.Research Data Management 2.Information Analysis


[1] Guifeng Liu, Visualization of patents and papers in terahertz technology: a comparative study. Scientometrics, 2013, 94 (3):1037-1056 (SCI/SSCI)

[2] Guifeng Liu, Huaping Sun, Xinping Song. Visualizing and mapping the research on patents in information science and management science, Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science, 2014, 19(1):87-103 (SSCI)


Email: liuguifeng29@163.com Tel: 15052928465

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