Lu Zhangping

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Lu Zhangping, Ph.D, Professor, doctoral supervisor, is the discipline leader of library, information and archive management science. Dr.Lu endeavors to research on Patent Information Analysis, Functional Transformation of Library, information behavior analysis, etc. He has won 5 national or provincial Teaching Achievement Awards, presiding over dozens of academic research projects. In recent years, he has already published more than 80 academic papers and compiled 6 monographs and textbooks.

Education Background

197802-198202 Zhenjiang Agricultural Machinery College, BA

199502-199603 Zhejiang University, Visiting Scholar

200406 Department of Vehicle Engineering, Jiangsu University, Ph.D

Work Experience

198202- Present Jiangsu University

1999 Appointed to be a professor in the University

2005 Appointed to be the director of Jiangsu University Library

Research Interests

1.Analysis and Utilization of Enterprise Patent Intelligence

2.Library Strategy and Management 3.User Information Behavior Analysis


Email: lzping@ujs.edu.cn Tel: 13705282152

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