Yang Guoli

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Yang Guoli, Associate research librarian, Master's supervisor, the main research direction is information science theory, strategic intelligence, scientific evaluation. At present, he presides over a social science fund project in Jiangsu Province, participates in a major project of the National Social Science Fund, and participates in a discipline development project of the China Association of Science and Technology. Four papers were published in authoritative journals of Humanities and social sciences, and more than 20 papers were published in CSSCI source journals.

Education Background

1999.9-2003.6 Nanjing Agricultural University Bachelor

2007.9-2010.1 Jiangsu University Master

2016.9- Nanjing University Candidate PhD

Work Experience

2003.9- Present Jiangsu University

Research Interests

1. Intelligence Theories

2. Strategic Intelligence

3. Scientific Evaluation


Email: yanggl@ujs.edu.cn Tel: 15262923033

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