Zhang Xiaoyang

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Zhang Xiaoyang, Master, Research Librarian

.He has participated in and accomplished two research programs sponsored by national social science foundation, one research program sponsored by national natural science foundation. He also directed and completed more than ten provincial and municipal research projects, published nearly 40 academic papers and 2 books.

Education Background

1991 Department of Mathematics,Nanjing Normal University, BA

2004 Department of Applied Psychology, Soochow University, MA

2006 National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2014 Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois

Work Experience

1991-2001 Zhenjiang Normal College

2002-2005 Mengxi branch library, Jiangsu University

2006-Present Jiangsu University Library

Research Interests

1.Competitive Intelligence 2.Scientific Research Evaluation

3.Information Literacy


Email: zhxy@ujs.edu.cn Tel: 0511-88791950

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