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Zotoo,Luand Liu publish paperonbig data management

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A new Institute of Science and Technology Information publication on 2nd March, 2021 looks at how the librarians can manage big data through the theory of knowledge base capability to enable them to be innovative in their performance , especially in this era where many patrons seem to be losing interest in the role of librarians.

Library managers and librarians are encouraged to develop the big data management capability of staff to help create positive perceptions about the field's relevance to enhance innovation and improved performance.

The publication is written by I.K. ZOTOO Ph.D. student and his supervisors LUZhangpingand LIUGuifengof the Institute of Science and Technology Information under the School of Management. This paper's research areas are Knowledge-based dynamic capability; Innovative performance; Big data management and Libraries of Information science. We would like to show appreciation to all those who contributed to make this paper better.

This article is in issue 47 volume 2, 2021 by the Journal of Academic librarianship, indexed in the Web of Science, Social Science Citation Index(SSCI/SCI), and Scopus.

The article title “Big data management capabilities and librarians' innovative performance: The role of value perception using the theory of knowledge-based dynamic capability” isavailable at ScienceDirect



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