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Online Student Recruitment Seminarswere Successfully Held

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On July 7th, the Institute of Science and Technology Information successfully held three online recruitment seminars, which were held for colleges and universities in northern Jiangsu, Nanjing Institute of Engineering, School of Management and School of Finance and Economics of Jiangsu University. The event attracted hundreds of students. Liu Jing, deputy secretary and deputy director of The Library of Jiangsu University, Liu Guifeng, Deputy director of the Science and Technology Information Research Institute, Wang Jingyi, deputy director of the Science and Technology Information Research Institute, and Jiang Zhi, the teaching secretary, organized and participated in the event.


During the seminar, Mr. Liu Guifeng, introduces the general situation of science and technology information institute in depth as well as enrollment plan of the latest three years. The fractional line is analyzed in detail and exam bibliography, sharing the excellent scientific research achievements in graduate students teaching, employment prospects, hoping that students will choose to apply.


Zheng Xihui, a graduate student in grade 2020 shared her postgraduate entrance examination experience, including the reason for choosing this major, preparation experience for the first interview, interview experience in the second interview, and how to prepare for the whole postgraduate entrance examination and how to avoid pitfalls.


Cheng Yuexin ,a graduate student in grade 2019,introduced the reasons for her choice of Jiangsu University. Comparing with the advantages of other majors, she warmly recommended the review books and learning methods for the preliminary examination of postgraduate entrance examination and encouraged everyone to apply for the professional degree of library and information science in Jiangsu University.


Shi Yu, in grade 2018, shared her experience from three aspects of choosing the postgraduate entrance exam, preparing the postgraduate entrance exam and studying in the postgraduate entrance exam. She also introduced the planning and arrangement of the preliminary examination preparation and the 2 years of rich and colorful postgraduate life, so that everyone could have an understanding of the study and life of the postgraduate students in the Institute in advance.


The holding of this recruitment seminar deepened students' understanding of postgraduate education, teaching staff, and scientific research conditions of science and technology information institute , made them clear their registration goals, reasonably arranged their postgraduate entrance examination plans, and provided guidance for their future study.

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